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Leopard Medical Transport

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What We Do

At Leopard Medical Transport, we specialize in providing dependable and compassionate non-emergency medical transportation. Collaborating closely with local hospitals and assisted care facilities, we ensure every patient's journey is safe, comfortable, and tailored to their specific needs.
Hospital Discharge Transportation 2

Hospital Discharge Transportation

Specialized transport service for patients being discharged from hospitals, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey to their home or rehabilitation facility.

Inter-Hospital Transfer Transportation

Inter-Hospital Transfer Transportation

Providing seamless transportation for patients who need to be moved between different medical facilities, such as from a hospital to a specialized care center or diagnostic clinic.

Wheelchair Transportation Services

Wheelchair Accessible Transport

Offering specially equipped vehicles for wheelchair-bound patients, ensuring accessibility and ease during transfers to and from medical appointments or facilities.

Long Distance Medical Transportation Services

Long-Distance Medical Transport

Facilitating longer journeys for patients who require transport to healthcare facilities located in distant cities or regions, including necessary medical supervision and comfort measures.

Enhancing Healthcare Accessibility in North Central Florida

Leopard Medical Transport is committed to bridging the gap in healthcare accessibility across North Central Florida. Our dedicated non-emergency medical transportation services enable individuals, particularly the elderly and those with mobility challenges, to reliably reach their medical appointments and receive necessary care. By removing transportation barriers, we play a pivotal role in ensuring continuous and comprehensive healthcare for our community members, contributing significantly to their health and well-being.

Medical Transport in North Central Florida 1

Successful Long-Distance Patient Transfer: A Testament to Expertise

In a notable operation, Leopard Medical Transport successfully completed a challenging long-distance transfer, moving a patient from Ocala to a Miami specialist center. Our skilled team, equipped with advanced medical support, ensured a safe and comfortable journey, showcasing our deep expertise in handling complex non-emergency medical transportation needs.

Client Testimonials

Mister Sam, Miss Raya were extremely nice, and caring, we could use more people like them in helping people services.
Richard Sargent
“Highly recomended,very proffesional,they love what their doing,very carefull with patients.we will use them again if necesary.”
Jonh Rust
“Had Leopard Transport my 91 yr. old mother from the hospital to Hospice. Eric and Coleman came on Sunday, gently moved her over to the stretcher, placed her on oxygen, the move went nice and smooth. Guys did a great job.... thank you.”
Wayne Mikell

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